What We're Building

Scalar DLT is a blockchain-inspired distributed ledger platform software, which achieves:
- High tamper-evidence of data by utilizing digital signature, hash chain, determinsm and decentralization
- Scalable and highly available ACID-compliant smart contract executions
- Exact finality and linearizable consistency

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Jobs at Scalar

Scalar Team

Hiroyuki Yamada
CTO of Scalar, Inc. Passionate about parallel and distributed data management systems. Worked at IIS UTokyo, Yahoo, IBM. Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo.
Yuji Ito
Working on distributed database/storage. Formerly, worked on SSD firmware. Master's degree in Information Science and Technology from The University of Tokyo.
Craig Pastro
Worked at Scalar, Stone System. Experience with Java, Scala. Went to Macquarie University, University of Calgary
Michael Bawiec
A motivated and experienced full stack developer. I have experience with Python, Java, Javascript, Node, Typescript, Docker, AWS, and many frontend frameworks.