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Scalable Labs

Chief Information Security Officer at Scalable Labs

Orange County, Remote · Full Time

We are a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, builders, innovators and investors looking to make a big impact in the world by creating companies that leverages blockchain technology.

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Job Description

Duties include:

- Seeking to build in security during the development stages of software systems, networks and data centres
- Looking for vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software
finding the best way to secure the IT infrastructure of an organisation
building firewalls into network infrastructures
- Constantly monitoring for attacks and intrusions when the cyber security specialist finds a potential threat or attempted breach, closing off the security vulnerability
- Identifying the perpetrator and liaising with the police if necessary

Key skills for chief information security officer.

- Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and it's weaknesses.
- Strong IT skills and knowledge including hardware, software and networks
Meticulous attention to detail
- Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of IT systems
- A forensic approach to challenges
- A deep understanding of how hackers work and ability to keep up with the fast pace of change in the criminal cyber-underworld
- Ability to seek out vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures
- Understand and be able to educate other on how social engineering works and put in systems in place to avoid it.

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What We're Building

Our mission is to incubate as many blockchain companies in the areas of:

- Consumer facing Applications (B2C), (C2C)
- Human Computer Interaction
- Big Data Stack
- Voice
- Connected IOT (Ambient Intelligence) and API’s
- Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
- Blockchain/Fintech
- AI, deep learning, contextual “awareness” computing
- Hyper local Marketplaces, e-commerce
- Sharing Economy

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