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Scalable Labs

Blockchain Advisor at Scalable Labs

Orange County, Remote · Cofounder

We are a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, builders, innovators and investors looking to make a big impact in the world by creating companies that leverages blockchain technology.

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Job Description

This position requires a history of working with a portfolio of startups and you’ve developed a clear understanding of what makes a great lean startup. You must live and breath blockchain technology. Your investor network must be diverse and well established as you can help the studio and all sub-companies with the fundraising process, making strategic introductions and facilitating liquidity events, etc. With your extensive experience in the startup and venture world, you should have the skills to pattern match across industries/markets and know what works and what doesn’t. We prefer individuals with entrepreneurial experiences (you have built, scaled and sold companies before) and know how to manage a portfolio of early stage technologies.

You will be compensated with our crypto tokens on a vesting schedule. You will receive a salary once we are funded. When just receiving equity you will be expected to contribute 5 hours a month. Once you start receiving a salary your advisory services will need to be on an on demand basis.

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What We're Building

Our mission is to incubate as many blockchain companies in the areas of:

- Consumer facing Applications (B2C), (C2C)
- Human Computer Interaction
- Big Data Stack
- Voice
- Connected IOT (Ambient Intelligence) and API’s
- Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
- Blockchain/Fintech
- AI, deep learning, contextual “awareness” computing
- Hyper local Marketplaces, e-commerce
- Sharing Economy

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