Sam Bolgert

Softwarepreneur and loves all tech • Worked at @Chumby Industries • Studied at @University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

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What I Do

I'm interested in bringing technology to everyday people. I want to enhance mobile apps to make them smarter, more responsive, and work in real time.

I value fostering discussions over new features and ideas. Being able to then create those ideas quickly makes me a great addition to any startup.


My single great accomplishment is a prototype for Bushwhack Apps ( It was created entirely at Startup Weekend in Madison, WI.

I was the lead developer and architected the whole system. I was able to coordinate with 2 other developers to create an awesome fully functional MVP. (

Bushwhack went on to win the grand prize at Startup Weekend and is currently in the process of applying to an incubator.

While, I was wasn't available to continue on with the project I was damn proud of what I accomplished in a short weekend and take that "get it done" attitude everywhere I go.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a small-medium sized team that wants to tackle problems in any industry. I have a particular interest in the local-mobile-social space. I want to create mobile apps that update users experience real time. Notifying them of new experiences around them.