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DevOps Engineer at Savvi

· Full Time
We empower our customers with powerful tools and interfaces that enable them to extract real value from their data, dramatically reducing friction at every layer of the operating stack, at scale. Read More
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Job Description

DevOps Engineer, Unix/Linux, Telco

Australian based global startup with contracts to deploy our novel enterprise software across some of the worlds largest telecommunication networks. Based in Melbourne, we are now looking globally for our next hire. We are seeking a Dev Ops engineer with experience in delivery to enterprise clients.

The DevOps engineer will be part of a Melbourne team that works with our delivery partner; to deliver our product to our client's enterprise environment. They'll be experienced in deploying to unix environments, and (hopefully) have a keen interest in Ansible. They will be knowledgeable in best practices for continuous integration (CI) and be able to identify areas of improvement to the release automation process. The DevOps engineer will also be responsible for building and improving the tools for internal operational processes as well as assisting the client and delivery partners in improving their tools for operational processes.

Additionally, the DevOps Engineer will be responsible for troubleshooting automated deployments and target environments, answering technical application related questions and providing responsive support.

This person will ideally be a polyglot and have experience with one or more of the following:

- Solid knowledge of Unix/Linux

- Ansible
- Jenkins

- Deployment/Release automation/RPMs

- Troubleshoot application deployments by assisting with RPM builds, testing and validation

- Continuous Integration (CI)

- Configuration management

- Operating in an agile delivery environment

- Excellent workload organization skills

Salary negotiable and employer offers a great working culture and environment. No micro-management here.

But be aware, we are looking for the cream of the cream talented people.

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Savvi Team

Jay Fenton
Consummate technologist, cross-discipline developer, entrepreneur.
Alexander Fetisov
Worked at Savvi, Synchronoss Technologies. Experience with Broadband, Business Analyst, EPC. Went to Ural State Technical University
Chris Donovan
Does Stuff (Devops) at Savvi
Greg Jackman
Telco Product Development at Clarity and Alcatel-Lucent, Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical
Graham Wynn
Worked at @Savvi
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