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Graph Engineer at Savvi

· Full Time
We empower our customers with powerful tools and interfaces that enable them to extract real value from their data, dramatically reducing friction at every layer of the operating stack, at scale. Read More
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Job Description

An Australian-based global startup delivering our novel platform to some of the worlds largest telecommunication networks. Based in Melbourne, we are now expanding our resource pool and looking for our next hire.We are seeking those familiar with the state of the art in all things Graph.This is a unique opportunity to work on and build high fidelity graphs spanning physical/geo-spatial, logical active infrastructure, product, customer and service information all annotated with rich real-time telemetry from many data sources. As well as aiding in the construction of The Graph at our customers, you'll be building lightweight applications and automatons on top of it which result in real world tangible benefits to millions of customers.

You will leverage your experience and interest in architecting and deploying large-scale distributed graph database, through to constructing robust data pipelines, multi-layer temporal graph modelling, the annotation of that graph with real-time data, and queries/applications thereon.

Your working domain knowledge of active infrastructure and/or telecoms networks is highly desirable.

Your existing experience ideally includes competent systems-level experience (Linux, command line, Perl, Python), coupled with back-end development experience in one or more languages (NodeJS, Python, Java, Groovy). Client-side visualisation (JavaScript, D3, Canvas, WebGL) is also desirable.

You should have experience with complex OLTP/OLAP queries on Graph databases, ideally using the Gremlin/Groovy language as well Production experience with modern graph technologies and databases such as the Tinkerpop stack, Gremlin, Titan/JanusGraph, and associated back-end storage such as Cassandra, ScyllaDB and/or Elasticsearch.

Familiarity with contributing to open source projects is also desirable.


A privately owned, self-funded $mm startup with long-term contracts to large telco enterprise clients bearing Production deployments. The company has quietly developed several ground-breaking IP components which are enabling operators to extract massive value from their data.

We hire carefully - you'll be alongside a team of people who are pushing the boundaries every day, and you will be both challenged and stimulated to do your best work here, whilst learning from and mentoring those around you.

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Savvi Team

Jay Fenton
Consummate technologist, cross-discipline developer, entrepreneur.
Alexander Fetisov
Worked at Savvi, Synchronoss Technologies. Experience with Broadband, Business Analyst, EPC. Went to Ural State Technical University
Chris Donovan
Does Stuff (Devops) at Savvi
Greg Jackman
Telco Product Development at Clarity and Alcatel-Lucent, Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical
Graham Wynn
Worked at @Savvi
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