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Location: New York City, US

The successful candidate will lead the development of Satochi’s growth marketing initiatives. With the team rapidly expanding, we are seeking an experienced, ambitious, bright, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial and high-spirited individual to help us grow Satochi.

You will manage acquisition channels, build marketing funnels and work closely with our product team on analyzing user behavior to optimize and identify new initiatives.


Product marketing:

- Work with product to put in place appropriate KPIs and trackable metrics (from conceptual metrics such as cohort analysis and behavioral patterns to low-level metrics such as screen behavior, load time, heat map, optimal gestures, etc)

- Measure metrics and visually share these with the team

- Write up data-driven recommendations and present to leadership

- Brainstorm on new product features based on a data-driven perspective

Marketing growth:

- Help structure the quantitatively driven side of Satochi’s marketing strategy

- Setup funnels, A/B testing and workflows to drive website visitors, awareness and downloads

- Brainstorm and execute on new acquisition channels

- Put in place all tracking capabilities

- Present weekly reports to leadership


- 3+ years of growth hacking and marketing

- Internet, e-commerce related industry background. FinTech industry experience is a plus.

- Be an innovative, problem-solving individual with an eye for detail

- Outstanding communication and presentation skills with the ability to articulate a vision, strategy or idea clearly and concisely

- Strong analytical, planning and forecasting skills with experience in business data-driven recommendations and decisions

- Passion for Satochi, investment and the future of the global economy

If you believe you are the right candidate for this role, then please send your CV and a cover letter to

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What We're Building

Daily Investing For Those Who Don't Save!

Here at Satochi, we are building a platform enabling you to invest your spare-change in a diversified and managed portfolio of digital currencies. We are turning the process of getting into the complicated cryptocurrency and blockchain space, into something anyone can do.

Satochi is an SEC-registered investment adviser - Based in San Francisco and New York City.

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