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Sano is comprised of a small group of exceptional talents with a wide range of experience with industry leaders and top academic programs. We are creating new wearable devices and applications unlike any in existence, and are excited and passionate about launching our products in the near future. The team is dedicated to a work environment that is fueled by great ideas and a passion to make them real, and the industry experience track-record to deliver. We respect what each team member brings to the table and support each other in a common cause. We thrive on creative conversation and collaboration and are excited to add like-minded individuals to the team. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for an Associate Scientist who is passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives. As a member of the R&D team, you will work closely with a team of Chemists and Biochemists, under the supervision of a Senior Scientist, to refine and expand Sano’s chemistry formulation effort to improve our novel sensor platform. You will also collaborate with the rest of Sano’s multi-disciplinary engineering team (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, silicon process development, software, manufacturing engineering) to support the integration of new sensors into a finished product.

What you will be doing:

* Define and execute experiments to characterize sensors and validate performance.
* Analyze experimental results.
* Optimize sensor performance by reformulation of current sensor chemistries.
* Optimize sensor performance by developing novel formulations and deposition processes.
* Develop new sensors for future products.
* Present results to the R&D team.

What you will bring:

* BS or MS in chemistry, biochemistry, bioengineering, electrochemistry or related field.
* Experience with polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, biosensor development or bioMEMS.
* A proven ability to plan, write and execute experiments.
* Strong communication skills.
* A detail oriented mindset that is thorough and precise.

You will stand out if:

* You have 2+ years of hands-on research experience.
* You have experience with common analytical tools and instrumentation (Potentiostats, FT-IR spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy, pH meter).
* You have prior start-up experience and have the ability to quickly find your bearings in a fast-paced and fast-changing environment.

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What We're Building

Sano’s mission is to help people live healthier lives by measuring the impact of dietary choices on the body. We believe that every body is unique, and that understanding this uniqueness is vital to understanding one's health.

We have created a biometric sensor patch and mobile app that together enable the painless detection of chemical metabolic data. The first application of this technology is continuous glucose sensing.

Currently, only the most severe diabetics have access to this technology, which is both complicated and costly. Sano’s technology seeks to change that. By creating medical-grade solutions that are painless and affordable, Sano will give everyone a chance to understand their unique biometric information and, in doing so, enjoy a more personalized approach to health and wellness.

We are driven to help people live healthier lives—whether it’s losing a few pounds, preventing a chronic condition, or simply making smarter, more informed choices about diet and exercise.

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