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NOTE: I now syndicate all deals through the S2 Capital syndicate. Please back that syndicate if you wish to follow my investments.

I'm currently working on Equidate, and I was previously co-founder of Streem (YC S12, Acq. by Box).

I'm exposed to a large number of startups (YC, pre-YC, non-YC) through my networks and I like to employ the following as signals when choosing whether to invest:

1. Address a true burning need (obviously, but cannot be understated)

2. Have technical, formidable founders

3. Have technical and/or market differentiation

4. Have the right timing/leverage emerging trends

5. Have a clear path to revenue

Will syndicate where possible
Samvit Ramadurgam
Founder, Co-CEO @equidate, @y-combinator alum. Founding Partner @s2capital. Previously Co-Founder @streem (Acquired by Box), Eng @asana. @berkeley EECS
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