Facebook Advertising Specialist at SamCart

Washington · Full Time

We help over 5,000 small businesses sell more of their stuff online. Self-funded. Team of 15. Based between Baltimore and DC.

Job Description

Our D.C./Baltimore start-up ( is looking for someone to run our pay per click campaigns, mostly on the Facebook Advertising platform.

This is a full-time position, in our office in Fulton, MD. We work hard, play hard and are not looking for a normal 9-5 warm body. You need to be someone who wants to be part of our team.

We're a team of 12 people...and growing fast.

We're looking for someone who:

- Has experience creating, managing, and scaling profitable ad campaigns
- Has experience with both low and high budget monthly spends
- Understands conversion rates, split testing, and ad copy
- Can manage his or herself without being hand-held
- Is super organized and capable of running, tracking, and analyzing hundreds of ads at the same time
- You need to be 100% proven, with an awesome track record
- You need to be someone who knows and loves online marketing AND software
- You need to be someone who knows all about "marketing funnels"...if you aren't familiar with that term, don't apply.
What You'll Be Doing Every Day:

- Creating ad campaigns, ad set, and ads
- Testing new targeting options, ad copy, images, etc.
- Tracking and reporting KPI results to the CEO

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What We're Building

SamCart gives you a checkout process that will actually increase sales, not just make sure the sale happens. Pick from a library of pre-designed and tested checkout pages, add 1-click upsells, and split test every aspect of your checkout process. All for one small monthly charge, and no added fees.

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What makes SamCart a unique place to work at?
Fun, collaborative and creative environment where everyone works together to create awesome products for our customers!
Brian Thomas
Employee at SamCart
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
2-3 Sr. Developers, 1-2 Marketing and 1-2 Support Specialist
Brian Thomas
Employee at SamCart