Sam Goodman

Author: Where East Eats West & Co-Founder at Fei Chang Hao Kan

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What I Do

In China since 1995.
Retail - Beijing Sammies - best sandwiches EVER
Investment DD
Client Partner with Korn Ferry
Nuclear Power Plant Negotiations - Westinghouse
Web 2.0
Social Media FCHK & Attract China

I like solving problems, rock climbing and swinging for the fences


the most impressive thing I've done....
haven't done it yet.
everything so far has been leading up it.

been successful in a number of areas sports as a kid, business now, working at it as a father, still learning and enjoying sharing my mistakes and what i've learned

What I'm Looking For

A tenacious, passionate team that can iterate quickly, and knows their own strengths and weaknesses.
A team that understands that their product or service represents maybe 20% of their success.