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New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

Service is at the core of SALIDO. The CX Team’s focus is to ensure a positive experience with anyone who comes in contact with SALIDO. Our vision is to set the new standard of service for the hospitality technology industry.

As a director on the CX team, you will play an important role in the success of all SALIDO clients through support and restaurant implementations. You should have a strong understanding of restaurant operations to make recommendations, as well as use that experience to troubleshoot technical questions and issues. You will need to communicate client needs across departments, to drive a positive experience with SALIDO.
CX Mission: Our purpose is to ensure and foster a positive experience between SALIDO and every person that interacts with us.
CX Vision: We will set the new golden standard of service for the hospitality technology industry.

You Have…

-A passion for service
-The desire to put a smile on the face of everyone we interact with
-The ability to remain calm in moments of pressure
-The urgency to be of immediate assistance
-True care and empathy for the person on the other side

Qualifications & Required Skills

-Hospitality management experience
-Ability to act rationally in times of pressure
-Experience handling multiple projects simultaneously
-Strong written and verbal skills
-Ability to make quick informed decisions
-Desire to want to solve problems quickly
-Precise communication
-Proactive, confident, and motivated
-Strong work ethic

Core Responsibility Overview

Support (90%)

Support Calls, Tickets, Visits, etc.
Manage the team of support analysts to provide the highest level of service
Schedule support staff
Train support staff
Be the first line of defense
Take support shifts where you answer support calls, answer tickets, and handle any support issues that may arise
Report any bugs and feedback to the product team
Ensure support metrics are being achieved
Handle any on-site support visits that may arise
Resource Center
Assist in creating content for the resource center

Recruiting (10%)
Implement plan based on resource requirements and budget
Process + Execution
Determine + implement recruiting workflow and calendar

Job Description Bullets

-Be the primary contact on the support team
-Manage and train team that interacts with restaurants
-Manage metrics for support calls, tickets, emails, chats, etc.
-Manage schedules and anticipate times of high support requests
-Innovate new techniques for better and faster service
-Drive our vision of becoming the new standard of service for hospitality tech -industry
-Set up metrics/KPIs to help understand areas that are going well and areas that can improve
-Understand current support process, and work on tasks that may not be critical. A couple of examples include jumping in to answer support tickets or calls if our metrics aren’t being hit. I am the type that if I see something frustrating and there is not team bandwidth available, as long as it does not interfere with the rest of the team, I will probably just work on it so it’s done and communicate it appropriately
-Manage equipment inventory, and make plans for reordering schedules, ensuring that we always have backup vendors for all our hardware
-Take shifts on support team that interacts with restaurants on support calls
-Handle support tickets, emails, chats, etc.
-Ensure an initial response within 30 minutes
-Provide a solution within 24 hours
-Assist with creating content for the resource center
-Report system bugs
-Process and report customer feedback
-Assemble a technology roadmap to weave into the product roadmap.
-Do all of the above with an eye on scalability to support the addition of features, functionality, people, and business lines.
-We would need to work together to determine the recruiting plans (budgetary primarily against the needs)
-Weekly update would be sent by Friday afternoon. They would be properly bucketed and categorized for clarity. Everyone has different preferences, so we can iterate on it until you think it is at a good place for your needs
-Reporting: dashboard, monthly & quarterly board updates, quarterly & annual investor letters
-Regular catch-ups to discuss how things are going and make sure there is constant alignment

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What We're Building

Restaurant Operating System (rOS)

SALIDO powers the future of restaurant operations. Using one interconnected system, SALIDO lets a restaurant focus on what drives its core business: the customer experience. We call this the restaurant operating system, rOS.

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