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The Customer Success / Support Position You've Been Waiting For at Salesmsg

Delray Beach, Remote · Full Time
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Job Description

You know how no one picks up the phone these days?

Or when you call someone and their voicemail says, “Don’t leave me a voicemail. Just text me.”

See, that’s the problem businesses face everyday when trying to reach their leads, customers, and clients.

They’re stuck doing things the old way (calling, voicemailing, emailing) getting old school results.

The new way to instantly engage with your leads and customers is with real-time text messages from local phone numbers.

Salesmsg is a two-way text messaging software that help businesses send and receive SMS and MMS text messages online or on the go.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, but when it comes to your business, “it takes a team to grow and scale.”

And because we’re growing at a pretty nice clip each month, we need your help to keep this train movin’ to change the way business get done at (

The Position

We need the most help in this core area…

Customer Success and Customer Support.

Actually, there’s a lot of hats that you’ll be wearing so you’ll need to have lots of different skills to truly thrive in this position.

It’s not a “let me wait for things to happen” kind of job.

If that’s what you’re thinking you can move on and submit your application to one of our competitors, they’ll love slackers. :)

In fact, here’s what we’re all about as a company and more importantly, who this is NOT for.

1. We Figure It Out.

If you’re not inquisitive, curious, and goal oriented - this isn’t for you. There’s things that happen, that you have to dig a bit deeper to “figure it out”. So if you’re expecting to let the customer or someone else figure it out for you, wrong position Charlie.

2. Insatiable Learning.

There’s a wealth of knowledge in books, articles, videos, courses, training events, and everywhere you look. Just Google it. If you can’t “figure it out” yourself, trust me, someone else already has for you. Not resourceful? Move on please.

3. Keep it Real.

Seeing things for “how they truly are” gives us power. In fact, we have be real in order to survive and thrive. So if you like to dance around issues and not get to the root of the problem and make the necessary calls... again, you won’t make it here.

4. What’s Next Mindset.

Things are a changin’ and we look to the future to figure out what’s next. How can we improve? What trend is coming/happening and how can we lean in to that? Thinking about the past too much and not ways to improve for the future… I think you know what I’m going to say.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get into what this role looks like for you…

The role is about 20% support (aka: reactive > keeping the customer happy) and 80% success (aka: pro-active > helping customer get success with Salesmsg to stick and love us).

On the SUPPORT side of your position, you’ll be doing things like…

* Helping customers and potential customers on LIVE Chat (we use Intercom)
* Figuring out the “problem” the customer is having with our software. (My text didn’t get sent, what happened)
* Relaying bugs to our development team to get taken care of (we use Jira)
* Creating user stories around customers wants, needs, issues (Jira)
* Responding to email tickets in Zendesk
* Using Stripe to process payments, refunds, and all things billing
* Create systems for tracking bugs, feature requests, and better ways to improve our support process and channel
* Create, edit, and continuously update our knoweldgebase so our customers don’t have to bother you on how to do the simple things.
* Create videos that show people how to do things (people love walk-throughs)

On the SUCCESS side, here’s some things that you’ll be doing…

* Design a “health check” sequence, system and process for engaging, checking up to ensure that these new trials get value and see “success” with Salesmsg
* Host group & 1-on-1 demo’s, webinars, and trainings with leads and customers weekly and monthly
* Create surveys and google forms to gain feedback from current customers
* Reach out to “likely to churn” customers to help them get value from Salesmsg
* Engage with cancelling customers and design a system for tracking for later followup.
* Speak with customers on the phone, text message, live chat, email, and other channels to help them with whatever questions arise.

And that’s just a few of the things you’ll be doing.

Who Will Be Be Successful In This Position?

1. You Actually Like People.


You truly have to enjoy speaking with people and working with them intelligently. In fact, you get joy by helping them get the result they want. And if we can’t help - you're honest to tell them, “this won’t work for you and here’s why.”

2. You’re Inquisitive.

You like to figure out how and why things work. In other words, you’re a lover of product and have a bu...

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