Sahil Jain

Co-founder & CEO of @AdStage. Past: Co-founder & CMO of YC & @SV Angel at 20, @Yahoo at 17, AOL Corp Devt at 19, UC @Berkeley Philosophy & Econ.

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What I Do

Dropped out of high school at 17 to join Yahoo! Mobile working on QA (Perl Automation) and a new mobile initiative to bring pro gaming into Yahoo! as a content vertical.

While attending UC Berkeley for Philosophy & Econ, worked at Hartle Media (7x7SF & California Home+Design) working on Marketing, SEO & Mobile.

Dropped out of UC Berkeley at 19 to join AOL Consumer Apps Group working on M&A / buy vs. build for Mail and Mobile.

At 20, co-founded YC & SV Angel backed, I managed Sales, Bizdev and Marketing efforts. Grew team to 14. We raised $1.6 from SV Angel, 500Startups, Venture51, Y Combinator, Yuri Milner, Russ Siegelman, Jonathan Siegel, Steve Walske and other killer angels. is still rocking it today! I parted ways after nearly two years to pursue something new.

I am now working on my new startup,, to make advertising across multiple networks effortless for SMBs while improving their ROS.

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