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SaaS Innovation Labs

Chief Technical Officer at SaaS Innovation Labs

San Francisco · Cofounder

SaaS Innovation Labs is a stealth technology startup headquartered in San Francisco. We are building B2B SaaS applications that will fundamentally change the way people communicate, sell, market, and make decisions at work. We have a focus on solving real business problems that are accompanied by real business implications. We focus on opportunities that can be solved more efficiently and effectively with the use of advanced analytics and improved workflow. We know the value of understanding user behavior and optimizing for workflow and existing product integration. We prefer to create synergies over road blocks. We are looking for smart, savvy, hustlers that want to make an impact on the world. Please apply if you think would be a fit!

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Job Description

We are a team of seasoned SaaS founders looking for a Chief Technology Officer to join the founding team. The team is fun, smart, energetic and hardworking.

If you think you are a fit, please apply to learn more about the team and opportunity!

About you:

The ideal candidate is a technical authority, but also possesses business acumen and has the chops + interpersonal skills to help recruit and manage a world-class technology team. A strong understanding and familiarity with the SaaS product landscape is a huge plus.

Ideal technical skills:

Application development:

- 4+ years building web apps from the ground up in either Python, PHP or Ruby
- expert in modern web app UI frameworks (Angular, etc)
- excellent database design and SQL skills (mysql or postgres)
- experience with CSS / ability to produce simple, derivative designs
- experience integrating APIs like Stripe

Advanced Analytics:

- experience with Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytic modeling
- experience with data integration+data management techniques and tools
- experience working with large data sets

Infrastructure / DevOps:

- experience setting up dev / qa / prod environments in AWS from scratch on your own
- expert with github or bitbucket
- experience with containers
- experience with setting up EC2 / S3 / DNS and other essential services on AWS
- experience configuring / deploying a production web server like Apache or NGNX
- experience with full backup / restoring on AWS


- experience writing unit tests
- experience with automated QA software

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What We're Building

We are working out of the SaaStr CSS in stealth mode. SaaS Innovation Labs is creating game-changing B2B SaaS platforms that solve real problems and make real business impact. Our focus is on workflow intelligent applications with a creative angle on leveraging non-obvious data sources and advanced analytics (ML, AI, NN). Current launch project is running in stealth mode. Please contact us for more information.

SaaS Innovation Labs Team

Jack O'Holleran
CEO | Founder @Skale Labs Founder @Aktana, • Worked at @Good Technology, @Motorola