Ryan MacCarrigan

Founder & Chief Experimenter at Lean Studio. Former VP Marketing & Biz Dev at Lean Startup Machine.

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What I Do

Ryan is a proponent of building balanced and integrated teams that work collaboratively across departments, borrowing principles of Lean Startup, Lean UX, Kanban and Agile to improve team communication, understanding, and effectiveness. He specializes in implementing Lean Marketing methodologies.


Ryan has run dozens of intensive Lean Startup workshops across the United States and Europe, impacting hundreds of product managers, entrepreneurs and corporate employees. This includes workshops with companies like News Corp, Kraft, Red Gate Software, YouNoodle, The Library Corporation (TLC), and Singularity University.

He received the "2013 Marketing Innovation Award" from Xero (http://www.xero.com), in recognition of Advsor's innovative messaging and branding strategy.