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iOS Developer at Ryalto

London · Full Time

We are a small, dynamic team of enthusiastic individuals who truly believe in the project that we are undertaking to change the way recruitment is done.

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Job Description

Ryalto is a tech startup developing a better way for healthcare organizations to engage with and organise their workforce. Our ambition is to be the platform of choice for healthcare organisations, based around engagement, communication and driving efficiency using technology. We believe our product can be a force for good in the world enabling indivduals who work in healthcare to take control of their professional lives and move forward.

We’re looking for a developer to work on our iOS app. You will be joining a small team, and will be able to make a real influence on our technical direction.

If there are any particular areas of iOS development that you enjoy working on, then you might be able to specialise in these as the team grows, but right now we’re looking for an all-rounder who is comfortable working across all areas.


- Sufficient knowledge of writing iOS apps to make a net positive contribution from day one
- Knowledge of the design patterns used in the iOS SDK (e.g. MVC)
- Good Swift competence
- Comfortable with Git

We have no specific requirements about educational background or years of experience. All that matters is your ability to do the job.


- MVVM and RxSwift
- Continuous integration
- Testing strategies

Job responsibilities

- Collaborate with developers, product owners, designers and business to -define and implement new functionality
- Help define and refine the architecture of the app
- Diagnose and fix bugs
- Review code of other team members


We have some thoughts about what kind of person we’d like to join us. If this sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you:

- You pay attention to detail - not just in code, but in documentation, comments, code review messages, commit messages, and bug reports.
- You take responsibility for the code that you write, and understand that code reviewers and the QA team do not remove this responsibility.
- You think about the design decisions which you make, and are comfortable explaining them in a code review.
- You are capable of working independently, but you ask for help if you get truly stuck.

- You spot holes in architecture before they become a problem. (Even better, you can propose solutions.)
- You notice repetition, and understand when is the optimal time to introduce an abstraction.

- Your primary audience when writing and committing code is the other developers on your team.
- You understand how to give and receive constructive criticism in a code review. You are gentle with other people’s ideas.
- You can explain your work to people from a non-technical background in a respectful manner.

- You don’t instinctively reach for third-party code to solve the smallest of problems. If you do use third-party code, it’s only after carefully assessing its necessity and quality.
- You understand the importance of documentation, and don’t mind writing it.
- You understand the importance of consistency, and don’t mind following coding standards which aren’t to your personal preference.
- If you make a mistake, you use it as a learning opportunity.

If you have any examples of your code that you can share with us - even just a snippet you’re proud of - it could give us something interesting to talk about at interview. But it’s not required; we understand that your job isn’t necessarily your hobby.

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What We're Building

As a doctor or a nurse, RightStaff allows you to choose when and where you want to work. The easy-to-use app allows you to input your availability and skills, and then matches you to suitable shifts at hospitals. This ensures that you get shifts that are right for you.

In addition, RightStaff is building an online community, which allows you to connect to other healthcare professionals and access all of your training and e-learning materials in one place.

Ryalto Team

James Common
Building the future of how companies hire and communicate with their external contracting workforce - it's a lot more fun than it sounds!