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Machine Learning, NLP Software Engineer at Roxy

Seattle · Full Time
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Job Description

Roxy is a venture-backed startup developing a voice-activated device for the hotel room.

We are hiring employee #3 to join our team. We're looking for a passionate and talented software engineer with a strong machine learning background to expand our state-of-the-art conversational intelligence platform.

Our mission is to be able to answer in under 1 second any question that can be asked in a hotel.


* Degree (BS or later) in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
* At least 2 years of relevant work experience
* Machine learning background and familiarity with a variety of topics including generative modeling and deep neural networks
* Related experience building supervised classifier models
* Start your correspondence with the phrase "Artificial Intelligence" to prove you read this section

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What We're Building

Roxy (formerly 'Cue') creates intelligent, conversational devices for local businesses, providing patrons with on-site information and services.

The devices improve operating efficiency, provide actionable analytics, and increase revenue opportunities across a range of markets and industries.

Each device is tailored to the business, leveraging domain-specific AI and custom branded personas.

Roxy is currently in hotels, providing curated and personalized in-room concierge services.

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Roxy Team

Cam Urban
CEO and Co-Founder at Roxy. Y Combinator alum. Previously at Microsoft working on Azure. Co-founded Jellyfish Art (acquired) and NudgePad (acquihired).
Peng Shao
Led AI and ML efforts in various industries ranging from finance to retail. Most recently of Amazon Alexa team. BS and MS in Computer Science.