Ross Youngs

Investor, Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, Adventurer, New Technology & Science Enthusiast, National Business Person of the Year & 5 Time Inc 500 list+

Confirmed Investments · Invests $50K-250K per deal
What I Do

Advisor, Strategic Investor, acquisition, Inventor
ARPA-E (DOE) 2010
5 time INC. 500 - 94-98
US National Business Person of the Year (SBA, 98)
International Plastic Design of the Year, 02
R&D 100 award 09
Successful Serial Entrepreneur
2 years of profits w/first start-up
Successful exits


Connect the dots, I am a true generalist but a fast study. I will read 200 scientific papers in a matter of days to get my head around and issue. I will question every model in existence and test in every manner. It is all about Chess, Stratego, and dimensional instability. I am smart enough to troubleshoot but not so smart I can't fix. I recognize the smartest person and the most unbalanced person in a room and keep it to myself. I like team players and those that really strive for success. I avoid self actuators - they are no fun to be around in business. Always look for better, faster, cheaper and generally very disruptive in one or more ways. Not afraid of hard work, persistence, tenacity, determination, and I don't start without a clear path to a finish.

What I'm Looking For

Connections to Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mavens or Mentors that are experienced, creative, successful, balanced, communicative, problem solvers, connected, resourceful, respectful, visionary, inventive, environmentally minded, socially conscience, or those who appreciate or pursue those qualities.