Jobs at rorodata

PaaS designed for data scientists

rorodata is a data science platform that allows you to build and deploy ML-DL applications faster, with a small team. We’re building a heroku-like platform for data scientists. Read More

What We're Building

We want to let data scientists to build any vertical AI application faster, with a very small team

We let you build and deploy machine learning and deep learning models in production in minutes. You focus on more interesting areas such as feature engineering and model design, and leave the infrastructure to us. We provide you with simple abstractions that make your life simple.

You get all the goodness and power of the cloud without any configuration or maintenance drudgery. Continue to work with your favorite open source tools. Manage your projects, version your models and APIs, monitor resource usage with a simple API and a dashboard.

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Jobs at rorodata

rorodata Team

Anand Chitipothu
Passionate programmer, opensource enthusiast.
Nabarun Pal
IIT Roorkee, Internet of Things, Full-Stack, Worked as Experiential Innovator

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