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The Talent Recommendation Graph

ROIKOI is a well-funded start-up with traction. We've built a software platform to help Fortune 5,000 companies hire more efficiently and improve diversity. We're hard-working but recognize that we have lives outside of work.

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What We're Building

ROIKOI built the world’s first talent recommendation graph to unlock all the value in employee networks — onboarding is automated, and the resulting hires are diverse.

ROIKOI does this by generating a private database of passive referrals for each of its customers.

Automated outreach to 20 ROIKOI candidates yields 7 interviews and 1 hire with an average retention of 2 years.

In our most recent case study, 69% of candidates were female, and 77% were non-white.

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Jobs at ROIKOI


Andy Wolfe
CEO @ROIKOI; Sr. Product @Square Root; Genius Grant @Bazaarvoice; Extreme Blue @IBM; Speak 4 Languages; 2 Patents; & BA in CS @Columbia
Christian Rice
Founder and CPO @ROIKOI; Marketing @Mutual Mobile; Writer @Groupon; BA History @Haverford College
Sam Raker
Journeyman web dev with a broad skill base and love of learning new languages and paradigms.
Stephen Stearman
Acton MBA with sales experience in a variety of industries and over multiple mediums. I enjoy building relationships and helping customers solve problems.
Becky White
Champion of good UX. User Research / Market Research at Mutual Mobile.
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ROIKOI Investors

Adam Zeplain
Co-Founder + Managing Partner @ mark vc Board of Advisors SOMA Capital LP CAVU Ventures
Rob Taylor
Co-Founder/CEO @Convey , President @BlackLocus (Acq by Home Depot), Partner @Capital Factory, COO/GM @TrueCar (Nasdaq: TRUE), COO @quepasa-corporation 
Joshua Baer
Founded 3 email companies and @Capital Factory. Teaching @Longhorn Startup at @University Of Texas Austin. @Trilogy Alumni 1999. CS @Carnegie Mellon University .
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