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I invest in scary-smart entrepreneurs with something to prove, attacking large and profitable problems with an iterative, data-driven, and technology-heavy approach. I don't like blindly backing today's hot trend, rather I invest exclusively in where I see the puck going: that means sometimes we'll be wrong, other times we'll be very right. Post-investment, we move the needle in more ways than one (product design/development, recruiting/team building, business development and brand partnerships, corporate strategy and LT positioning, etc.) and stay engaged through our investments' lifecycle.
As a full-time operator, I have a hands-on perspective on what's working and what's not. I see through hype very quickly and only work with entrepreneurs who walk the walk. I don't anticipate doing more than 3-4 investments this year and will emphasize quality over quantity. Through Axiom Zen, our team of 80+ engineers and creatives, we thoroughly vet a company's team, technology, and product roadmap before engaging in an investment. Our team is comprised of former startup founders, folks from Apple, Google, Baidu, App Annie, Civic, and many others. We know what to look for. Products developed by Axiom Zen have touched 200+ million consumers and are used by the world’s leading companies and global governments. Axiom Zen is the team behind CryptoKitties, the most popular dApp on the Ethereum blockchain; ZenHub, the world’s leading collaboration solution for technical teams using GitHub; and Toby, recognized as Top Chrome Extension of the year by both Google and Product Hunt, among others. Axiom Zen's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Vice, and Fast Company among others.
Roham Gharegozlou
Founder @Axiom Zen & CEO @Dapper Labs @CryptoKitties. Seed investor @Intercom, @Tout, @ZenHub, @Routific, @Castle and 20+ more, 10 exits. Former VC x2.
Went public in 2015
Acquired in 2017
Acquired in 2013
Acquired in 2017
Acquired by sport ngin in 2016
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Mike Williams
Helping build & investing in startups @thinkbox-io ( Previous two startups acquired. Mentor @Founder Institute
Lisa Rich
Founder @Hemisphere Ventures, Founder & COO @BrainyQuote, Operations, Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Communications
Jeff Rich
Founder @Hemisphere Ventures, Founder @Xplore, Founder @BrainyQuote, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Information Architect, and Landscape Photographer.
Barron Caster
Product Manager
Product, Growth @Rev. Former VC @General Catalyst, Operator @Zenefits, CEO @21 Drops Relentlessly Curious
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“Specialize in growth, product, and marketplaces. Have tripled conversion rates across supply/demand for different companies and business lines.”
Blake Huang
A Fortune 500 executive based in Hong Kong // Seed Investor
Timothy J. Hosek
Systems Administrator, Investor Find the Disruptors who Disrupt the Disruptors Verifying that +timhosek is my blockchain ID
Cap Ven
We invest in early-stage startups and arrange financing for growth companies.
Roham has a great eye for what people actually want to use. As an investor he's a great balance of providing input on product, thinking through market strategy, and giving companies the space to execute. Highly recommended.
Pius Uzamere
Founder of a company Roham Gharegozlou invested in
Very insightful. Drilled down to some good questions and helped think through the model.
Greg Gibson
Founder of a company Roham Gharegozlou took an intro to
Roham has been a big help for us. He adds value on product, distribution, strategy, most of all he's helped us navigate the human challenges of a growing company. Has an amazing product instinct. He'll shoot down most of your ideas but you'll thank him for it. His engineering and...more
Roham holds an impressive track record in Silicon Valley where he spent years sourcing innovative startups and executing growth strategies for successful portfolio companies. At Axiom Zen, he is proud to be cultivating a world-class team of entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives devoted to...more
Mack Flavelle
For Roham Gharegozlou's work with Hammer & Tusk
Roham has been a huge supporter of Toby from the earliest days. He takes extreme pride in developing amazing companies!
Benny Giang
For Roham Gharegozlou's work with Toby
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