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What We're Building

A marketplace where you buy and sell analytics and reports for all the cloud services you use.

Rocketgraph was founded to address the increasingly fragmented cloud reporting and analytics industry. Our marketplace allows the aggregation of reports and analytics from a wide array of sellers from disparate technical backgrounds around the world.

By making it easy for developers from all over the world to sell via our marketplace, we increase variety and selection. Barriers to entry are radically decreased, since Rocketgraph provides all the necessary features and tools, allowing anyone to develop and sell their work, no matter where they are located.

This enables data consumers to browse, subscribe to, and use the analytics they need easily, safely, and in one place.

Our mission is to give everyone the ability to better understand their data.

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Rocketgraph Team

Thomas Toumpoulis
Software Engineer @Rocketgraph
Dafni Vlachou
Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Online Marketing Tools and Analytics.

Rocketgraph Investors

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