Rob Wu

Founder at @CauseVox. @Deloitte Consulting, BearingPoint, PWC, @National Instruments. Raised $120k in 10 days online for disaster relief. MPA. Former CPA.

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What I Do

Building companies and organizations that make it a better world.


Founded CauseVox, a self-funded startup that became profitable within 6 months.

Launched SXSWCares, an online fundraising campaign in collaboration with the American Red Cross and the SXSW festival. Raised over $120,000 within 10 days. Also partnered with the band Hanson.

Received the Impact Award from the CEO of Deloitte Consulting for volunteerism in the Washington DC region.

Served as a management consultant for the Federal government, Department of Defense, and US Intelligence Community.

Co-authored two e-books, The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling and The 10 Principles of Effective Personal Fundraisers. Speaker at Foundation Center, NYCares, NTC, and SXSW.

Moonlights as the Director of Marketing at a nonprofit that does pro-bono for working professionals.

Obtained an MPA from the University of Texas. Former CPA.

Performed my first sales call at age 3.

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