Rob Reed

VP of Marketing, Zumbox; VP of Marketing, Earth Biofuels; Founder,

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Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Sherpa Ventures, Sherpa Foundry, Managing Director at @Menlo Ventures (now Venture Advisor), Founder/CEO, SGN, Founding President/COO, (sold to VistaPrint), Founder, WebOS, Founder, SPN (Social Programming Network)
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Transforming nightlife calendars and event promotion

Sesie has been way ahead of the curve with the BarBlackBook concept. He's done his homework on his target market and the social-local-mobile space. I look forward to seeing… more

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Download The SoLoMo Manifesto, our vision for the space and MomentFeed platform:

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Working at the intersection of Hollywood and technology with my new startup Previously founded Newroo (acquired by NWS) and Adly. Surfer.
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over 2 years ago