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Roam is a global real-estate operating platform. Instead of signing a lease or buying an apartment, we enable people to live anywhere they want, as long as they want. Read More
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Instead of buying an apartment or signing a lease, people choose us to roam among magical properties around the world. It's the first company that truly rethinks the idea of "home" for the 21st century, enabling a new lifestyle for location-independent people from all walks of life.

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Jobs at Roam

Roam Team

Bruno Haid
Sense of home for the 21st century at @Roam. Tries to be where the magic is. Product for startups and corporates like @BBC, McKinsey or @Daimler.
Dane Andrews
Former HNW financial advisor who loves location independence. Fascinated by taking an idea from 1 to 1 billion.
Flo Lauber
Building the technology for a new way of living & sense of home at @Roam. Loves to connect people and build nice things. YC08 alumnus.
Luisa Paganini
Current @Venture for America fellow. Living and working around the world with @Roam
Rose Kuo
Creative technology professional with strong business background. Currently @TED Previous: @Roam @WG Consulting @CUPS @Accenture
Aura Cotofan
Head of Portfolio Operations @Roam
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