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Machine Intelligence for Human Health

Roam is looking for thinkers and builders eager to solve the healthcare industry's biggest problems. We have a world class team of PhDs, machine learning engineers, and software engineers who are working together to bring all the world's healthcare information together in a highly structured format to power transformative analysis that puts patients at the center of every industry decision. Read More
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What We're Building

Roam's approach centers around the Roam Health Knowledge Graph™ (“RHKG”), a pre-built structured data ontology with a dedicated focus on healthcare. In the RHKG, healthcare entities are organized according to meaningful relations derived from numerous data sources. These entities include drugs, devices, diseases, procedures, providers, physicians, and many more. Public data sets have been used to develop this structure so that new data sets, whether structured or unstructured, can be integrated to create a single, integrated data asset consisting of any number of different data sources. The result is an unprecedented, ever-more comprehensive view of the industry that unlocks the value of existing data to enable our customers development, marketing, outreach, and patient outcomes across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Jobs at Roam Analytics

Roam Analytics Team

Andrew Maas
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at Roam Analytics. Researcher in deep learning for spoken language understanding.
Alex Turkeltaub
Co-Founder and CEO, Roam Analytics; Co-Founder and CEO, Frontier Strategy Group (FSG).
Carter Wilkinson
Replacing us with the things that do the job better.
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Roam Analytics Investors

Mark Goines
Served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Division of @Intuit including Quicken,, Quicken Insurance and Quicken Mortgage.
Adrian Aoun
CEO/Founder @Forward, Special Projects @Google / Alphabet , Founder/CEO of @Wavii (acquired by Google). Angel Investor.
Drew Oetting
partner @Formation | 8. Claremont McKenna graduate. Originally from Iowa City, IA
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