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RLC Ventures is an award-winning European venture capital firm that is one of the first firms that focus on investing in millennial & diverse founders - a unique investment thesis.

RLC Ventures consists of an experienced team with 50 years investing experience ranging from Google to The Telegraph and has built a reputation in the market, having won the 2018 UK Business Angel Association Best New Entrant – ‘One to Watch’.

Our mission: We back extraordinary founders and allow them to excel exponentially. Our strategy is clear - we invest in early-stage and scalable tech businesses that will shape the future.

The key highlights of the Fund and its strategy are outlined below;

Investment thesis: RLC Ventures’ investment thesis focuses on millennial founders. This focus has a clear business case in our modern economy, as often young founders are overlooked despite 80% of the 500 most valuable tech companies being started by 25-30-year-olds.

Track record: RLC Ventures has built a strong track record, having taken companies such as LandlordInvest (P2P Lending Platform) from an idea to a multi-million pound company in 2 years (24x on the last funding round excluding tax breaks). RLC Ventures currently supports 14 portfolio companies through being active on boards (5), to follow-on financing and strategic advice.

Return on investments: Currently, the Fund's 14 portfolio companies have a combined equity multiplier of 10x, highlighting RLC Venture's ability to target returns of over 2.5x the original capital invested. This target return is considered to be the aggregate return of angel investments as an asset class.

Award-winning: RLC was the winner 2018 UKBAA (UK Business Angel Association) Best New Entrant– “One to Watch” and the RLC Ventures Founder Reece Chowdhry has been awarded one of the Top 5 UK Asian Tech Investors (Diversity UK + KPMG).

The firm is part of acclaimed associations such as the BVCA (British Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) and the UKBAA (UK Business Angel Association).

Team: RLC Ventures Advisory Team includes has exited over £1bn of investments and has grown companies from SMEs to listed companies.

Social Impact Venture Pledge: We are the only venture capital firm that pledges to commit a portion of exit profits to important social causes of the founder’s choice. This aligns our investment with the socially responsible values held by our young founders to make a positive impact on society.

We have an expansive and constant deal flow of over 1,500 companies annually, from which we use a rigorous selection and analysis process to choose only the most promising companies in emerging sectors. If you are seeking funding, please "Apply for Funding" via our website.


Following a rigorous selection process (selecting less than 1% of the 1,500 annual applications received from an expansive deal flow), RLC Ventures invests in 6-12 companies each year to build a diversified portfolio of early-stage scalable companies operating across 5 main verticals - Fintech, Proptech, Social Impact Tech, Enterprise and AI. This breadth of opportunity spreads the risk of commitment and maximises the probability of picking the “winners”.

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