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Saving & Investing for what matters

We are a group of gritty, go-getters unafraid to fight the big banks for what you deserve. Think you're just what we've been missing? Drop us a line and let's chat!

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What We're Building

Money. You might have a lot, or you might have a little. Either way, we all deal with it. We all want to make the most of what we have, feel good about our spending, and put away something for the future.
We all have goals, things we want to do. We think money shouldn’t be the gating factor between where you are and where you want to be.

At Rize, we’re rethinking finance.
Saving should be simple and investing shouldn’t be rocket science. Everything we do is designed with you in mind, because we want the same thing. Simple, people-first saving and investing.

What we provide:
*1.16% Interest rate, 19x higher than the national average
*Power Ups, such as Boost and Accelerate, to get you to your goals faster
*Unlimited goals and transfers
*Save for short term goals and invest in long term goals through a balance of cash, stocks and bonds.

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Jobs at Rize

Rize Team

Justin Howell
Co-Founder & CEO at @Rize. Making personal finance simple for everyone. DC. Previously @BainCapital @PerryCapital. Love all things outdoors.
Kirk Voltz
Co-Founder & Head of Product of Rize, Creative Director/Co-Founder of The Bronx Brewery
Erica Amatori
Head of Marketing @Rize Co-Founder of General Assembly Adjunct Growth Instructor Previous Head of Marketing @Zairge
Aviva Stone
Lead Customer Happiness Hero at Rize. Making sure users are all smiles, all the time.
Julian van Giessen
Product/FE at @Rize. Making personal finance simple for everyone.

Rize Investors

Marvin Liao
Partner @500 Startups. Worked at @Yahoo, @Alibris • . Board or Advisory Board Member @ 8 companies. Mentor @ 20+ Accelerator programs across globe.
Chris Neumann
Venture Partner @500 Startups. Founder/CEO @DataHero (acquired by @Cloudability). Employee #1 @Aster Data Systems (acquired by @Teradata).
Jim Kaplan
Managing Partner @CHASELLA. We have been honored to work alongside some of the most dynamic individuals and game-changing companies across the United States.