Summer 2018: Android/Flutter (Dart) Internship at RiteKit

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Our internships are career-makers, but they are UNPAID. We're self-funded and doing this for 6.5 years. We believe in what we do, and are committed to the team and our value proposition. We give back plenty but are not able to compensate interns financially. Read More
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Job Description

All RiteKit internships are unpaid. If you are not considering internships that are without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you.

We greatly limit the number of interns we work with in each division. Applications are now being taken for start dates in August and Sepetmber of 2018. You would need to interview and then be tested before Auguast to be considered.

Hashtags, yay!

No, that's not what we do.

So, what DO we do?
Data-driven, machine learning-infused social media engagement SaaS products. Please spend one minute to get a quick understanding of all four of our tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo

• Total social media optimization - avoid paying for ads by intelligently automating everything shared to social with images, GIFs, emojis, influencer-tagging. Come up in social search, get curated and republished, and make a visual impact as well.
• Hashtags that are recommended based on current engagement and outcomes, rather than whether they are "trending" (trending = many accounts sending posts with a hashtag; it says nothing about positive outcomes).

What you will experience:
• Building not only Android applications, but also a powerful Android extension - a skill that very few mobile developers can claim
• Learn from mentors and peer feedback in a fast paced distributed startup team
• Brainstorm and implement app features
• Build the fully functional app from start to finish
• Exposure to Rest APIs
• We make you part of the process, so you can earn how to bootstrap your own startup, in case you want to do that
• We ship fast - and with over 235,000 registrations, when we make your latest feature live, your work will be seen and become part of the workflow for thousands of business people.

• 64 bit Mac / Macbook / Hackintosh core i7 preferred
• Must write clean, re-usable code (we will test you)
• 3 months X 20 hours/week commitment
• Our internships are UNPAID. No salary, no stipend, etc.
• Desire to work in a startup environment, able to self-manage and work remotely*
• Fluency with Java required.
• Must have built at least two Android apps
• Git experience

* Remotely = you would work as we all do, from home or where we live.

Beneficial but not required:
• Dart and Flutter Framework experience
• Basic understanding of Android extensions/custom keyboards
• TDD/Testing frameworks awareness (JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, etc.)

* As a self-funded startup, we have been extremely lucky to have a passionate team, advisors and friends who have brought us this far. Unfortunately this also means we can only offer unpaid internships at the time. Should you be selected for a first interview, please do ask what our interns go on to do, either as RiteKit salaried staff or after RiteKit. We'll give you ways to research this.

Do ask what our former interns went on to do immediately following their RiteKit internship when you have your first interview (and how to independently research this).

First, see https://medium.com/hashtag-academy/tagged/ritekitinterns and especially the video in https://medium.com/hashtag-academy/ritekit-interns-tell-their-stories-acc09f4e1845 to hear from our former interns, who share what they got from the experience, in learning, career-boosts, jobs and other opportunities, both with RiteKit and other employers.

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What We're Building

For everyone who needs to get something back from their social stream, RiteKit products automate all the nuisances out of creating, scheduling and publishing social posts with all the social search optimization, advertisements and analytics on links shared and even more.

The essence of each product in 60 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYKPrk2U4Jo

The browser extension provides a simple color-graded indication of whether your hashtag is likely to help get a post seen, based on real-time engagement.

Social media post crafting and publishing solution with "Enhance": one click for relevant and reaching hashtags, an ad on links, image options and much more.

Enhance (see RiteForge) in any social media publishing site. Includes a content curation and post generation dashboard.

The URL shortener that embeds branded whitelabel ads on URLs in social posts.

Welcome to use videos/images anywhere with attribution to https://ritekit.com

New app from Joydeep, Jose and the RiteKit Android developers: RiteForge Social Media Enhance. Just type %enhance at the end of your post! This is the easiest way to optimize your social media posts on Android with an image, topic relevant hashtags, and
Eight of RiteKit’s internship alumni talk about the doors our internships opened for them and how to get a job at the end of your internship — either with RiteKit or elsewhere. https://medium.com/hashtag-academy/ritekit-interns-tell-their-stories-acc09f4e1845
Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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RiteKit Team

Michal Hudeček
Entrepreneur with track record of numerous successful international startups.
Pavel Houžva
Lead Programmer and total IT problem-solver, with fluency in PHP, Java, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Data-mining
Saul Fleischman
CEO: RiteKit, RiteTag, Rite.ly, RiteForge, RitePush Partner: IdeasWatch Startup CEO Osaka, Japan
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RiteKit Investors

Saul Fleischman
CEO: RiteKit, RiteTag, Rite.ly, RiteForge, RitePush Partner: IdeasWatch Startup CEO Osaka, Japan
Michal Hudeček
Entrepreneur with track record of numerous successful international startups.