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Rise Science

Senior Backend Developer at Rise Science

Chicago, Remote · Full Time
Rise Science gives elite athletes the power to turn better sleep into optimal performance through clear, in-the-moment insights, guidance and feedback grounded in science and tailored to the individual. This results in ~60 minutes more sleep per night and falling asleep 25% faster, leading to 10% faster reaction time, quantifiable on-field performance gains and reduced injury. Read More
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Job Description

Rise Science is looking to hire a Backend Developer who will be responsible to own all parts of the backend stack powering our product.
We're building a sleep coaching service with a focus on elite athletics teams. Currently working with pro and college sports teams.

Our stack is a combination of python with heavy-lifting statistical methods, with front-ends in iOS and AngularJS.

Our product depends on real-time collection of noisy biometric data, so we have an emphasis in developing internal tooling to help with monitoring and cleaning important data.

We have a variety of projects to work on, and likely all of them will be data heavy so some experience with basic statistics is important.

An ideal candidate would be familiar, and opinionated about some of these:
- Web app architectures, we use Django
- DevOps in Heroku, AWS with Ansible and fabric
- Postgres, Redis, S3 for storage, caching, queues
- Pragmatic QA processes to maintain product velocity without dropping the ball on quality
- Monitoring and alerting with Graphite and ELK
- Architecting data pipelines both for production and data science analysis

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What We're Building

We offer athletic organizations a comprehensive sleep coaching program that coordinates everything a player needs to improve sleep behavior and consequently performance.

Rise Science Team

Jacob Kelter
CSO of Rise Science. Studied complex systems @ NU. Built educational software to teach materials science. Translating science into usable products/experiences.
Jeff Kahn
CEO Rise Science. Hacking non-computer systems since 4th grade. BSengineering + MSdesign @ NU. Build and sell products using design to help people be better.
Leon Sasson
Founder @Rise Science • Worked at @TempoIQ • Studied at @Northwestern University

Rise Science Investors

Craig Sampson
Consultant, educator, and advisor in the areas of innovation, product design, and brand strategy.