Jobs at Rippling

HR, IT & Operations. Everything your employees need, in one place.

Parker Conrad (CEO of Rippling), had previously started Zenefits - which was the fastest growing company in history (0 to $50M in 2 years.) The founders have experience in the domain. The product is growing quite fast and already has a high Net-Promoter score. We have raised $10M+ so far.

What We're Building

Rippling is the first HR + IT platform.

Through one, easy-to-use platform, businesses can manage their employee's payroll, health insurance, benefits, HR and even IT — from their computers to their software.

Hiring someone, for example? Through Rippling, you can: invite your new hire to e-sign their agreements, add them to payroll and benefits, order and configure their computer, and create their user account in over 300 apps like Gmail, MS Office, Slack, Salesforce, and Dropbox. All in just a few clicks.

Rippling is HQ in San Francisco and backed by top-tier investors, including Initialized, DFJ, Y Combinator and the founders of Twitch, Quora, Khan Academy and AngelList.

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Jobs at Rippling

Rippling Team

Prasanna Sankaranarayanan
Co-founder of Parker Conrad (ex-Zenefits CEO)'s latest startup.
Balram Khichar
Software Engineer. Gamer. Traveller. I love bringing great ideas to life no matter the screen size or platform.
Punit Gupta
Testing and Automation, Full Stack Developer, Hard-core Javascript Enthusiast, MeteorJS, NodeJS/ExpressJS, Real-time financial apps
divyansh kumar
ReactJS ReduxJS AngularJS express Ruby on Rails responsive web development
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Rippling Investors

Immad Akhund
Now: CEO, Founder @Mercury & seed investor, Was: PT Partner @Y Combinator, Founder @Heyzap (Acquired). Investor: @NURX, @Rappi, @Embark, @Atrium 50+
Tikhon Bernstam
Founder/CEO of @Parse (acquired by FB for $85M). Founder @Scribd. Angel Investor - Cruise (exit 1B+), Reddit, LendUp, Gusto, Tilt, Checkr, Optimizely, 70 more
Josh Buckley
Founder @Mino Games. Early Investor @Boom, @Clearbit, @Relativity Space, + more.
Justin Kan
Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and Partner at Y Combinator.
Lee Linden
Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook
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