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Senior Full Stack Developer at Richpanel

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai · Full Time
We are building next generation tools that help businesses move data to/from systems. Read More
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Job Description

About Jetcommerce:

Jetcommerce is working to launch a product called Richpanel. Richpanel is a Customer Data Platform that helps businesses to make sense of data they own and put it to work.

Put simply, businesses collect a lot of data and information about their customers. But very few can use this data to personalize customer’s experience. Think Netflix, think Amazon - how they use your browsing activity to personalize recommendations for shows and products.

We create tools that help businesses to understand, engage and acquire customers.

We are looking for a motivated and talented Software Engineer who is proficient with the MERN stack. Experience in AWS services like ECS, Glue, Redshift and Kinesis is a plus.

Working on data pipelines to ingest and transform data
Building data connectors with existing cloud solutions like Magento, Shopify, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.
Work on our Tag Manager to enhance clickstream data tracking using kinesis libraries
Work on Job Managers and an interface to automate Email and Push notifications
Define code architecture decisions to support a high-performance and scalable product with a minimal footprint

Bachelors preferably Software Engineering or Computer Science and from a reputed institution with 3+ years of experience
Strong technical and problem-solving skills, with recent hands-on software development experience
Experience in reliable distributed systems, with an emphasis on high-volume data management within enterprise and/or web-scale products and platforms that operate under strict SLAs
Broad technical knowledge which encompasses Software Development, Dev-Ops, Release automation
Experience with use of wide array of algorithms and data structures
Expertise in working with NodeJS, Vue.js, AWS, Cloud-based APIs, databases, software design and programming best practices
Entrepreneurial mindset, excellent communication, and technical leadership skills

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What We're Building

Richpanel is an AI powered Customer Data Platform that helps businesses to understand and extract value from their data.

Put simply, businesses collect a lot of data and information about their customers. But very few are able to unlock the value from this data. Think Amazon, think Netflix - how they personalize recommendations for products (or shows) based on your browsing history.

In today's world, the process of collecting, analyzing and activating data can get a little complex. Because businesses are using multiple tools - ERP, Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, CRM, Ad platforms. Each tool stores some information about the customer using different identifiers like email, phone, loyalty cards, physical address, device ID, cookies.

That’s where Richpanel comes in.

Richpanel develops tools to create a ‘single view of customer’ by collecting and connecting identifiers to a customer’s profile in real time. Which can then be used to personalize help desk, campaigns and in-app experiences.

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