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I am a CEO, Coach, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur . I have been angel investing for 5+ years. Recently I have decided to accelerate this activity by launching a pair of Angellist syndicates. The first, allows me to share my abundant deal flow, expanding the available capital for my angel portfolio. The other syndicate, in collaboration with my partner Barney Pell, is focussed on companies at Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab incubator at Rotman Business school where I am an associate (mentor).

My portfolio includes pre-IPO investments in Razorfish, Tesla Motors & Facebook and early deals like Rinse & Videoplaza. More than 50% of my previous investments have had an exit in their first 3-4 years with even greater (+66% success rate) for those I took an active role in.

If you'd like priority access to my syndicate deal flow, consider becoming a backer to increase your chances for an allocation. Backing does not obligate you to invest in any can decide to invest and how much on a deal-by-deal basis.


More about me, my background and my investment philosophy.

My executive coaching practice and my history as a successful entrepreneur provide me with an unfair advantage in inbound deal flow from young entrepreneurs seeking capital. Named one of Europe's most influential investors when I lived there; I continue to invest my time in non-US organizations focussed on entrepreneurship. In my experience in geographies outside silicon valley there is an outsized ratio of success for companies who accelerate through a regional accelerator/incubator. Endeavor in Latin America, Seedcamp in Europe (where I was an original mentor) and of course Y-combinator and Techstars here in the US. My presence and involvement in these ecosystems gives me unique access to deals that would otherwise be unavailable to investors; and the benefit of my and my collaborating angels, mentors and fellows assistance to accelerate their development.

Why you should invest with me:

  • Strong history as both founder & operator. Less common amongst traditional professional investors, I’ve (co-) founded over a dozen companies including Razorfish and Schematic and invested/advised another 2-3 dozen (24+) .
  • Blue Ocean Philosophy. I’ve never followed a herd, preferring to focus on on larger transformational trends or hidden markets and entrepreneurs and of course the founders who attack them: the most critical determination of success. My people first approach in evaluating opportunities has rarely served me wrong.
  • Solid track record. More than 50% of my previous investments have had an exit in their first 3-4 years with even greater increase for those I took a more active role.
  • Generalist rather than domain specialist. My matriculation path through User Experience & technical product development added to my agency background give me a unique ability to assess a startups opportunity for success from a “customer” perspective leveraging the toolkit of design thinking. The majority of disruptive, transformational businesses win, definitionally by disrupting the status quo, negating much of the benefit of sector/domain/practical experience.
  • Despite the previous point, I only invest in companies, ideas, products and people I know and truly understand.


I am inviting you to invest with me in all of my deals going forward via these two syndicates. Just click to join my personal syndicate: and/ or our CDL syndicate If you aren’t an accredited investor but want to follow what I’m up to join my mailing list:

My intention with my Syndicate is to run it like a fund in every respect. I will do semi-annual performance reviews, regular investor updates and evaluate IRR in comparison to broader market performance. My syndicate is a trial run for either joining or raising a larger Venture Capital fund or joining some other like minded investors. Join me in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is the fastest growing segment of our economy today.

Acquired by Ooyala in 2014
Acquired by Akamai for $15M in 2007
Acquired by Breezeworks in 2016
Acquired by aQuantive for $160M in 2004
Acquired for $34M in 2007
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Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale for A&D/Life Sciences Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni Stanford AI Graduate Studies
Barney Pell
Founder @PowerSet (sold to @Microsoft), @Moon Express, @LocoMobi. @Singularity University. AI Pioneer. Ex NASA & MSFT. AI/ML Fellow @&&& Creative Destruction Lab.
Paul Willard
Product and marketing engineer turned quantitative CMO
Yannick R.
Investor from Europe
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“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Jeff Goldsmith
Seed Fund
Marketing and Biz Dev exec with advertising and journalism past. I connect with leaders, optimize messaging, generate leads and create awareness with big ideas.
Kerry Ritz
Board Director/Adviser;EIR Barclays @Techstars; Evaluation Board @EIThealth;Advisor, Kx Technology Fund; Judge @h2020sme;ex-MD MassChallenge; investor
Super insightful, hard working and honest.
Richard has a great track record within the start up scene and is diligent and transparent with his responses to budding entrepreneurs.
Steve Brumwell
Founder of a company Richard D. Titus took an intro to
Richard's a world-class entrepreneur and executive, adept at spotting opportunities in new markets and capitalizing on them. I've both co-invested with him previously and invested in him, and am pleased to have done so!
Not only knowledgable experienced and strategic, Richard is also just a great person. Exactly the kind of person I would prefer to spend my days around. I am so very happy that we get to work together.
Titus is an incredible entrepreneur. He is very sharp and always thinking many steps ahead of everyone else. Very high EQ, charismatic, solution provider, pragmatic, and a pleasure to deal with.
Richard is a great leader and innovator. He is creative, and although he expects quality work, he is kind and makes sure the team stays positive.
Richard has deep industry experience in online platforms, media and bringing great products to market such as the BBC iPlayer. His leadership in, and understanding of the tech industry is unparalleled.
Barnaby Ferrero
For Richard D. Titus's work with Kehko
Richard has succeeded equally as an entrepreneur and corporate exec, which is a rare talent when navigating both worlds.
Ben Isaacson
For Richard D. Titus's work with Viawear
Richard's insight into the electric vehicle space combined with his expertise in marketing and branding is an excellent compliment to everything Bolt Motorbikes stands for. He's an amazing addition to our already strong advisory board of founders, principles and industry leaders.
Josh Rasmussen
For Richard D. Titus's work with Monday Motorbikes
Richard's experience goes deep.
Casey Fenton
For Richard D. Titus's work with Mastly
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