Richard A. Sun

25 startup, played a key role in 8, as investor, advisor, executive, board member.

Confirmed Investments · Invests 50k per deal
What I Do

Given my experience with over 25 startups and early stage companies operating across a variety of industries in various roles (advisor, investor, and board member, executive), there are a number of critical ways I can improve an entrepreneurs’ probability of achieving that success. My experience enables me to:
•recognize the elements needed for success (succeeding at success), but also to
•recognize the trends, factors or attributes that, if not corrected are likely to result in under performance or failure (failing at failure).
Usually I can recognize those potential problems or adverse trends before others see them or fully appreciate their significance. Thus, I am able to suggest fixes or adjustments that others with fewer startups behind them would not know or be able to execute deftly.

What I'm Looking For