Richard Díez

CTO and Founder of @Red Karaoke

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What I Do

Tech Director with 12 years of experience developing online applications with different technologies, and managing technical teams. Co-founder of Red Karaoke and


Actually I'm the CTO and co-founder of Red Karaoke, where i'm in charge of the technical team that works in the development of karaoke online products for the web, mobile, tablets, TV's, etc.

I'm Technical Systems Engineer Graduate by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid and a Computers Engineer Graduate by the UNED.

My career in the Internet business started at 1998, when I started as analist-programmer in Terra, and after that I've been managing programming and I+D teams in some of the main Internet companies in Spain, like, or Arsys.

What I'm Looking For

Investors and partnerships for Red Karaoke