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Sr. Frontend Developer at Revv

Washington DC · Full Time
Every cause has potential. But they often fail to reach their true potential because they haven't been shown the value in mobilizing their grassroots supporters. And when people don't see the value, they don't do invest in new ways to do things. Read More
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Job Description

Revv is looking for a senior-level frontend developer with a passion for building beautiful, mobile-friendly user interfaces. As a company that breathes quick payments, we're looking for someone who sweats about the details that go into a speedy and user-friendly experience.

Our frontend developer will be responsible for implementing advanced javascript-driven interfaces, integrating outside APIs, building beautiful data visualizations, and ensuring good acceptance test coverage.

- 3+ years of experience in Angular.JS and other frontend javascript frameworks
- 3+ years of experience in HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap
- 3+ years of building and implementing REST APIs
- Experience writing Capybara tests
- Experience using ruby on rails
- Experience accepting payments using the Stripe payments API
- Experience using PostgreSQL
- Knowledge of Amazon Web Services hosting
- Committed to going all-in on startup-based demands

- Negotiable equity
- Health & dental benefits
- Free, on-site gym
- Flexible work hours
- Flexible work location
- Fully-stocked kitchen
- Fun and transparent working atmosphere

Revv powers some of the most high-profile causes in the world, giving you a chance to show off your skills writing code that will make a difference. We're looking for someone who's dedicated to writing code with the thoughtfulness and attention to detail scaling a high-profile payments app requires.

Every cause has potential. A cause that reaches their potential is better-funded, thinks creatively, does innovative things, and makes a difference. Code written by Revv's engineers helps fuel the realization of that potential. So come join us.

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What We're Building

Revv is a one-click donation platform. Our mission is to help campaigns and causes reach their true online fundraising potential.

Revv allows causes to save donors' payment information into a logged-in account. This account is accessible by all Revv customers, allowing them to process donations in just one tap. This increases conversion rates by over 5x and raising our causes more money.

In less than two years, Revv processed over $300,000,000 in donations from over 3M donors with over 800,000 saved profiles.

Let us help you reach your true fundraising potential.

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