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Revv is a one-click donation platform.

Every cause has potential. But they often fail to reach their true potential because they haven't been shown the value in mobilizing their grassroots supporters. And when people don't see the value, they don't do invest in new ways to do things. Read More
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What We're Building

Revv is a one-click donation platform. Our mission is to help campaigns and causes reach their true online fundraising potential.

Revv allows causes to save donors' payment information into a logged-in account. This account is accessible by all Revv customers, allowing them to process donations in just one tap. This increases conversion rates by over 5x and raising our causes more money.

In less than two years, Revv processed over $300,000,000 in donations from over 3M donors with over 800,000 saved profiles.

Let us help you reach your true fundraising potential.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Revv Team

Sikandar Shukla
Revv CTO
Kyle Schutt
Senior Software Engineer at Revv
Ben Afshar
Product Manager. Background in non-profit fundraising. Missions-motivated.

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