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Real-time Operations for Retail

This isn't just some nifty iPhone app that people are going to download once and never use again. We're building the backbone to retail operations. That's over 17 million people in North America alone who could have a less crappy job because we exist. Our software solves a real problem, and the people we're selling to love us for it. Read More
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What We're Building

More people work in retail than in any other industry and labor is the highest cost line item. A 1% decrease in labor cost is worth $4 billion in the US alone. Store leadership wastes 7-8 hours per week compiling and sorting HQ direction from multiple sources and critical business objectives are still getting missed.

Zipline has found a missed opportunity in the space that solves this problem for retailers without increasing payroll or requiring stores to change their behavior. It saves retailers millions of dollars, earns them far more and enables them to operate their stores in real-time.

Jobs at Zipline

Zipline Team

Jeremy Baker (Hubert)
Co-Founder of @Zipline. Tech co-founder of @MightyHive and more. Father of 2. Yahoo! Super Star. Tries to make the impossible possible.
Melissa Wong
CEO of Retail Zipline. Spent the last 10 years running retail operations/communications for Old Navy.
Melissa Sabella
Sales & Marketing at Zipline, formerly GM at Burberry, Valentino
Elizabeth Manuntag
Marketing & Operations Administrator at Zipline. Experience in digital marketing, social media management, and general overall making-the-office-fun skills
Mark Edmondson
Ex-CTO & Co-founder, full stack RoR engineer, BSc
Adam Cooper
Senior Rails Web Developer
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Zipline Investors

Artia Moghbel
Head of Ops @DFINITY. Investing @Draft Ventures. Former COO @Overnight. Former VC and EIR @Greycroft Partners.
David Rodriguez
Investor & entrepreneur: COO @Reside & Partner @Draft Ventures - former COO @Livefyre (sold to @Adobe ) & VC @Greycroft Partners - alum @Duke University
AngelList Enterprise Fund Manager
AngelList Advisors, advisor to AngelList Enterprise Platform Fund I
CSC Upshot
The largest fund dedicated to seed investing, ever. Details @CSC Upshot
Jordan Kretchmer
Passionate entrepreneur who loves working with new founders to help grow their businesses.
Leo Polovets
2nd non-founding engineer at @LinkedIn => Engineer at @Google => Early engineer at @Factual => Partner at @Susa Ventures.
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