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A future where strangers can trust each other and interact with confidence

Reputationaire is a blockchain-enabled platform that puts you back in control of reputation we believe you should own, but is currently locked away and controlled by centralised services like Airbnb, Ebay and Facebook (who sell your data without your knowledge). Read More

What We're Building

Our blockchain-enabled platform allows you to unlock the massive value locked away in your existing reputations.

You can link any of your websites, for example Airbnb for your guest score or Upwork for your reviews as a gig worker.

You are empowered to reveal these verified reputations, over and over again, instantly proving you are trustworthy as part of any application or signup process, for example to secure a tenancy agreement, a loan, or a job as an Upworker.

We’ve built Reputationaire on a blockchain giving you ownership, security, privacy and control.

Via your private trust vault, you and only you, have ownership of not only your data but more importantly the reputation that you've invested time carefully building.

And you'll be able to take your reputation with you between services, so you'll never have to start from zero stars when joining a new service.

We help overcome negative bias and lack of trust with the option to remain anonymous yet trusted.

Jobs at Reputationaire

Reputationaire Team

Andrew Hine
CEO & Founder Reputationaire (Blockchain). 3rd in year MEng Eng & Comp Sci Oxford Uni sponsored UK Intel Service. Ex Telstra Tech Lead Microservices & Big Data
James Mansfield
I love crafting beautiful digital products and I thrive on improving people's lives — technology provides a wonderful platform to do that.
Deepthi Kulkarni
Building technology at Reputationaire (CTO), Engineering Manager at Redbubble, Ex-Flipkart
Tyrone Blode
Marketing Manager. Worked within 3 startups, have raised over USD$400,000. Specialising in marketing growth hacking, and growing brand influence.
Aditya Bhatnagar
NodeJS,Amazon Lex Chatbot Development | Web Developer | Android App Development | IOT development. Went to Amity University Noida.

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