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We're a small, agile team that moves quickly and iterates often. We like to keep a relaxed work environment that is flexible. It's an exciting time for the company; after spending our first two years in product development and testing, we've opened the platform to the public. We've begun to see the company gain legitimate traction almost immediately and our adoption rates have been nearly 3x that of our closest competitor.
At RepPro, we believe in a fun and open work environment that is conducive to team collaboration. We encourage continual entrepreneurial and innovative thinking - always finding better solutions to daily challenges. Diverse growth opportunities are always available as the company grows, and we expect immediate employee impact on business development from day one.

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What We're Building

RepPro is a software platform created from the ground-up, with valuable features such as our own custom developed e-signature platform and PDF technology. We simplify the process of buying financial products. The design is relevant, clean, and simple. In an industry where most software is designed & restricted by enterprise practices, we designed RepPro for the consumer. RepPro is simply the quickest and easiest way to fill out financial forms.

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RepPro Team

Patrick Kelly
Founder and CEO @RepPro • Worked at @Northwestern Mutual • Studied at @Michigan State University
Josef Waltenbaugh
Co-Founder of RepPro • Studied Economics at The University of Michigan, Class of 2012
Zach Lipson
Co-founder at Dutchie • Previous Co-founder at RepPro (acquired - 1/18) • BA in Business from Michigan State University
Ali Andersen
I am a full stack developer and have ample experience in both front end and back end application with a focus on BDD and TDD for all my projects.
Joseph Sutton
4 years Ruby experience. 2+ year of Angular experience. 2 years of React experience.

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