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Authentic brand advocacy through micro-influencers

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What We're Building

RepHike is a micro-influencer discovery and analytics platform. Brands and agencies connect with their targeted micro-influencers for product promotion, creating authentic content, and grassroots advocacy.

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RepHike Team

Shashank Roy
Co-Founder @RepHike • Worked at @HackerEarth, @Mozilla Passionate about ground breaking tech.
Olivia Goldstein
Growth Hacker with over 5 years biz dev experience in US, Russia, and India.
Abhishek Menon
Co Founder and CTO of RepHike, Full stack and ML developer
Lillian Trambley
Worked at RepHike, Students Presidents Roundtable. Experience with Accounting, Budgeting, Critical Thinking. CWRU undergrad

RepHike Investors

Nasir Ali
Founder/MD StartFast Venture Accelerator, Founder/ED Seed Capital Fund of CNY, Cofounder/CEO Upstate Venture Connect. See
James Shomar
Tech Entrepreneur + Investor. Autocross racer. Program Director @Start_Fast Visit our website to apply for StartFast's 2018 cohort!!!

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