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Insights & Analytics for the Competitive Gaming Industry

If you're passionate about entertainers and athletes, and feel at home building something in eSports for MVP purposes, then we want to talk to you. We're looking for a strong engineer to join us throughout this early growth stage. We value culture over anything else.

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What We're Building

Repable is an analytics platform that gives brands and agencies real-time insights on the esports (competitive gaming) and live streaming space. We track the players, teams, tournaments and games that make up this ecosystem, providing data and algorithmic recommendations to help everyone involved make better decisions.

Open Positions


Sean Power
Data, Products, Startups. Co-Founder, Repable. Board member, advisor & mentor to others.
Heather Anne Carson (Ritchie)
Entrepreneur, Educator, Speaker, Connector and Startup Mentor. Co-Founder at Repable.
Jesse Pocisk
UI / UX Designer.
Chanon Roy
Front-End Developer @ Repable. Studied at Western University.
Zhuoqun Yin
Backend Developer at Repable

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