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Connecting over 2 million professionals with remote and freelance jobs is the leader in remote and freelance work, connecting over 2 million professionals with remote jobs using AI.

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Connecting over 2 million professionals with remote jobs. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze skills, experiences, and personality traits to predict the highest probability of job success, which allows recruiting and hiring top quality talent in minutes. End-to-end solutions for both job seekers and hiring managers to find and manage projects and full-time jobs, including a secured escrow payment system.

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Nick Macario
Multi-time founder. CEO @
Todd Scheuring
Designer Interested in building apps that people love to use.
Stenli Duka
CTO @ - Building software to solve problems.
Sam Hellawell
Passionate and motivated web, game and app developer. Over 10 years experience, young, entrepreneurial, fire for knowledge
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Our Investors

Jon Dishotsky
Founder & CEO of Starcity, YC Summer 2016. We create comfortable communal homes in San Francisco.

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