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Remitware Payments

Jobs at Remitware Payments

On-demand remittance across borders, putting your family in control of their finances

Remitware is an early stage startup building a global payments product for cross border commerce. We are group of entrepreneurs, bankers, geeks and marketers passionate about changing the way money moves. We are focused on bringing about changes to an industry which is dominated by legacy businesses. Remitr is a simple, in-expensive and automated way to make International payments. Read More
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What We're Building

Remitr is a global payments platform that unites senders and recipients on a seamless money transfer platform. We're a fintech company building technology for consumers and businesses. Remitr solves the problem of having to choose different payment methods depending on whom you want to pay, and high transfer costs with these transfers.

Our vision is to create a seamless global network that lets you transfer money to whomever you want, whenever you want, without having to worry about how it will get there.

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Jobs at Remitware Payments

Remitware Payments Team

Sandeep Todi
Passionate about softtware products. Building @myremitr. Led the growth at @emportant. In the past.. accounting software, dotcom and enterprise payroll products
Kanchan Kumar
Serial entrepreneur. CEO of Remitware. Changing the way money moves between countries. Have you tried Remitr Money Transfer App?
Sandeep Jhingran
Seasoned Banking Professional with over 25 years of experience in Payments, Remittances, Treasury & Foreign Exchange
Altaf Ahmed
Business Head (Middle East) at Remitr. 20+ years of experience with proven Business achievements, Marketing expertise and a deep understanding of Technology.
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Remitware Payments Investors

Anil Advani
Managing Partner at Inventus Law
Amit Singhal
I am a search geek. I love search. I have worked in search for over twenty years. The first ten as an academic and the last twelve at Google.
Sandeep Tandon
Serial Entrepreneur; Investor; Mentor; Founder of Freecharge
Japan Vyas
Co-founder & Managing Partner SIxth Sense Ventures investing in consumer business across their life cycle. Seed investor in tech & impact businesses.
Nasr-eddine benaissa
Former McKinsey partner, angel investor, HEC PARIS
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