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We're using our research experience in speech technology to make meetings better. We build automated transcription and search tools. And cats.

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What We're Building

Remeeting builds speech technologies to enable accurate transcription and analysis of multi-speaker conversations. We provide an API for developers, on-premise deployment for enterprises, and a consumer web app. Founded at Berkeley by Computer Science PhDs, our mission is to advance automatic speech understanding for a broad range of uses, including everyday business meetings. We're a small, informal team with plenty of challenging work!

Our system performs almost as well as human transcribers.
Remeeting converts audio into searchable documents.
The technology is offered to developers as an API service.
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Jobs at Remeeting

Remeeting Team

Arlo Faria
Berkeley Computer Science PhD (speech recognition), founded Modista (computer vision), and now Remeeting.
Korbinian Riedhammer
PhD in AI/ML, founder of Remeeting, full professor of computer science.
Adam Fluke
I am a Frontend/Full-Stack web developer passionate about creating tested, flexible, and extensible code that is a joy to work with.
Adam Janin
After more than 25 years in research, joined Remeeting to bring speech recognition on meetings to market.

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