Jobs at RefundNote

Connecting consumers with paid tax professionals online.

RefundNote provides Americans with access to automated, affordable and transparent financial services to benefit their future. The way we work, eat, drive, and date has changed, so why has the way we do our taxes stayed the same? The gig economy is currently estimated to encompass 34% of the workforce, and this number is expected to rise to 43% by the year 2020. It’s no surprise then, that taxes are getting more complicated.

What We're Building

Our app is changing the way underserved individuals access capital. RefundNote, allows consumers, to be approved for an instant cash advance based on real-time income data and federal income tax refund projections with no credit check required. This happens completely on their mobile device and our first set of users is using this service 6.5x a year.

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Jobs at RefundNote

RefundNote Team

Matthew Parker
2x Founder. Now: @RefundNote Previously early career jobs / @Navigant Consulting
Gaurav Khanna
3x Founder, 1x exit, Now @RefundNote, previously @Google.

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