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# Convospot: Live engagement with decision support

A more nuanced, fluid, and personalized customer engagement channel through integrated chat and actions. The platform can run in different modes from Decision Support all the way up to Augmented Engagement.

It is an easy to use live engagement service that enhances real-time engagement by understanding users’ basic intentions. It's well suited for personal and small business use and is free to education.

# Cognospot: Enhance agents' capacity

Understand your customers' momentary needs and response in real-time. Increase their satisfaction and experience within your environment. Utilize our streaming behavioral analytics to help you engage your customers, in the moment.

It provides an “autopilot system” to enhance agents' judgment and improve their responses. It is well suited for enterprise and mid-market business.

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Jim LaMarche
Director of Cloud at PlumChoice Cloud Bus Dev - Cisco Cloud - IaaS Chl Sales Chief of Staff SP Chls Bus Dev Operations SP Chls- Fin Controller Finance Analyst

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