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Job Description

**Company Introduction**

We are a Singapore based startup looking for awesome designers to join our product team. We have a fast-paced ownership driven startup culture. Since we are based in lively Block 71 we are at the hub of Singapore’s startup scene, with daily events and lots of opportunities to get involved in the startup community.

**Job Description**

As an interaction designer your main goal will be to understand customer needs and product priorities, and transform that understanding into user-centered design concepts, products, interfaces and platforms for mobile and web.


You will collaborate closely with everyone who is part of the product team such as marketing, engineers, designers and customer support. You will help ship design changes to thousands of customers in weekly sprints.

Your tasks will include:

- Validating ideas in design through testing and reviewing product metrics

- Collaborating and communicating professionally with the product team and our customers

- Measuring recently released product updates to establish benchmarks and to identify potential areas of improvement

- Conducting user research interviews remotely and in person to collect qualitative user insights

- Rapid prototyping to help validate design concepts with customers

- Constantly collaborate with designers, engineers and customer support in the product team to ensure that product updates are effective for our customers and delivered on time.

- Staying up to date with the latest UX trends and looking for creative ideas and inspiration


- 5+ year/s of UX or interaction design experience in an agency or product setting. We prefer designers with product centric experience but are open to agency designers who are excited to switch to a product team.

- Excellent ability to communicate and work with others in the product team, gain consensus, push the product to the next level and keep the team inspired.

- Proficient and confident with using design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Invision. We are not rigid with design tools and are open to exploring new ones.

- Excellent understanding of user driven design process. Eagerness to learn and experiment with new methods and quickly master them.

- Solid experience with working with a cross functional team across a software development lifecycle, preferably in an agile setting.

- Excellent ability to manage time responsibly, predict delays, help others manage their time, meet agreed on deadlines and be accountable for work.

- Knowledge of frontend development and coding is a bonus - but not required. Designer should be excited to learn about technical aspects of the product.

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What We're Building

ReferralCandy helps ecommerce stores increase sales by getting shoppers to refer their friends. Our SaaS app accelerates word-of-mouth referrals for online stores around the world.

We're combining our expertise in word-of-mouth marketing with emerging technologies to create a new form of advertising based on trust. Imagine if you were shopping for new headphones and you could easily, instantly and automatically know what your friends would recommend!

Did we also mention that Forbes magazine thinks we’re “exceptionally intelligent”? (They probably meant to say “exceptionally geeky.”) Our work has also gotten shout outs from places like the New York Times, HubSpot, and Adweek.

We enjoy good coffee, poker, whiskey, and constantly finding a better way to do things. On the rare occasion that diplomacy fails, we settle disputes with foam swords.

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