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We are working towards improving the way recruitment happens in educational institutions around the world.

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Campus Placements have traditionally been run using legacy tools which do not generate any data backed insights for the major stakeholders involved in the process, i.e. students, colleges and companies. This results in sub-optimal outcomes which typically lead to high stress levels during placements and poor candidate-employer fit during hiring.

Reculta is bringing in a transformation with its cloud-based products like R1 and R2. These products allow users to automate placement processes and access insights from placement data for superior placement/hiring outcomes, data enabled curricula redesign, one-stop platform for placement preparation and stronger employer engagement with future employees.

Our clients include top colleges and companies like IIMs and MNCs like P&G, Godrej among other.

Join us to lead a much required change happening in the Ed-Tech sector!

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What We're Building

Reculta aims at helping institutions and companies come together to conduct hassle-free recruitment processes with the aid of analytics and visualization tools

Its focus is primarily in the ‘On-Campus’ recruitment space and works both with institutions and companies to help them make better recruitment decisions

The journey so far.
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Reculta Team

kajal malik
Founder @Reculta | Worked in Sales @Mahindra | FMS Delhi, MBA
Vidyarthi Baddireddy
Founder @Reculta • MBA @ FMS Delhi, Previously - Supply Chain Consultant @ Deloitte S&O
Utsav Bhattacharjee
Cofounder @Reculta | Forging Partnerships | Travelling Salesman
Vineet Verma
Worked at Reculta, Olacabs. Went to Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, National Institute of Technology(NIT),Kurukshetra

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